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Free refreshment tips! Stock your water coolers with the best water available

Free refreshment tips! Stock your water coolers with the best water available


Could your home or office use a fresh water supply? Keeping a cooler with bottled water on hand will help you keep you and your family hydrated with fresh and filtered water.

You can find a quality cooler from brand names like Oasis and Sunbeam. Get the most ideas on water cooler styles and filtration right here.

Filtering your water supply with reverse osmosis is easy to do, read more to find out how. Coolers are easy to care for and help to cater to your water needs.

Get the most information on stainless steel coolers, and more ideas for desktop and tabletop water cooler supplies.

Water Coolers

Water coolers are a smart way to bring fresh drinking water into your home or office. You can also use portable coolers everywhere, including the office.

Coolers stand on their own, independent from your plumbing system. Coolers can dispense filtered hot or cold water.

Here are some great benefits for owning a water cooler:

  • Fresh water
  • Convenience
  • Cost efficient

Maintaining a clean cooler is a simple and cheap task. Prepare a non-toxic cleaner, and simply unplug the cooler. Remove the empty bottle, then drain excess water from the taps.

Water cooler manufacturers offer their own cooler design and kinds of water. You can expect to find mineral, spring, reverse osmosis, or distilled water in half gallon to five gallon bottles.

Cooler Styles

Finding a water filter cooler that suits your individual and family needs is simple, with this online directory to water manufacturers.

Search online for a variety of cooler styles, including tabletop, free standing, countertop, and floorstanding, for your home or office.

A popular style that sits on your countertop is practical, and won’t take up a large amount of room in your kitchen. With easy to use taps, you have simple access to tepid cooking water, and cold or hot drinking water.

You can find coolers in many different casings like:

  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic

You can even connect some coolers to your reverse osmosis water supply, plumbing, or treat it with a carbon filter. The possibilities are endless.

The most important things to look for when shopping for a filtered water system, are great tasting water, easy to operate taps and FDA approval.

Cooler Filtration

Getting a high quality filtration system for your cooler is important.

A filter will remove dirt, chemicals, metals, odor, chlorine, lead and bacteria from your water as it passes through your filter of choice.

There are a couple of common methods for filtering water from a cooler:

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Carbon Filter
  • Lead Filter

The best filters have been designed specifically for cooler use. You should be able to replace your filter cartridge at an economical price.

Cooler Manufacturers

Here’s a great list of the top brand name manufacturers producing water coolers: Oasis, Water Factory, Sunbeam, EbCo, Avanti, Elkay, Absopure, and Coleman coolers.

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