Nikken Water Filtration Bottle
How water bottles filled with filtered water will help keep your body hydrated all day long!

How water bottles filled with filtered water will help keep your body hydrated all day long!


You can find water bottles that have portable water filters build right in, for fresh water on the go. If you participate in sports or enjoy hiking, a water bottle is a must.

When you need clean water on hand, a water purifier makes all the difference in the world. Portable water bottles can purify up to 15 gallons of water on one cartridge.

A good water bottle should have a spill proof spout. Adding the right filter will help to reduce the taste of chlorine and odors. Changing filters on water bottles is simple and cost effective.

Check out this online guide to water bottles for the most information on quality plastic and more. Review and compare prices with easy to find manufacturers.

Safe Plastic

Not all portable bottles are equal. The most superior bottles are made with strong, non-toxic plastic.

Flimsy plastic can wear down over time, allowing the chemicals from the plastic to seep into your drinking water.

Safe plastic is strong and will not break down. Here are the qualities youíll want to look for in a great portable bottle:

  • Non-Toxic Plastic
  • Hard Plastic
  • Light-Weight
  • Insulating

Hard plastic also helps to keep your water cooler, longer. Finding a reputable bottle manufacturer who specializes in safe plastics is worth considering.

Check out more great uses for portable bottles and a water purifier right here.

Portable Water

Using a portable water bottle or water purifier is handy for outdoor activities. Having water handy will keep you hydrated so you can stay active longer.

When do you need water on the go?

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Biking
  • Backpacking
  • Sports

Having portable water is a must when you are playing sports like soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, football, street hockey, tennis, golf and more.

Most people today have a true understanding of the importance of staying hydrated all day and know that portable water comes in handy at the office, parties and everywhere you go. Use a water purifier to keep fresh water available to you and your family.

You might not be able to carry around a water bottle, because they're often heavy and bulky. Luckily, thatís no longer the case. New technology has helped to create light-weight sports bottles for active people.


Nikken is just one of many manufacturers of portable bottles. The best manufacturers have superior filters on all of their water products, including bottles.

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