In Home Water Filter
A Home water filter improved my lifestyle -- find out how using water filtration can help you

A Home water filter improved my lifestyle -- find out how using water filtration can help you

Home Filters

You can remove chlorine, colors and strange tastes from your water by using a water filter. Improving the quality of your drinking and bathing water requires using simple water filtration methods.

A home water filter is an inexpensive way to reduce the levels of chemicals from your kitchen sink tap. Pur water filters give your family clean tasting water all the time.

There are many types of water filtration systems available on the market today. Look through our buyers guide to determine if a reverse osmosis style of home water filter is right for you.

Check out how you can install Pur water filters and Brita water filtration in your whole house. Quality home water filters are just a click away!


Using filters on your faucet is a safe way to obtain clean drinking water, fast.

You can use filters to purify the water in the whole house, at the kitchen sink, or for singular water bottles.

A single tap water filter is easy to install and will last for a long time before you must replace the cartridges. Use purified water to:

  • Drink
  • Wash hands
  • Wash dishes
  • Cook

Filters act to remove chemicals and unwanted particles from your drinking water.


There are several types of water filters to choose from, including cartridge and charcoal filters.

Check out some of these water filter systems available for your home:

  • Faucet Mounts
  • Countertop/Undersink
  • House Units
  • Water Cooler Filters
  • Refrigerator & Ice Maker Filters

All of these filtering methods are the easiest way to purify your water. You can use them anywhere in the house.

More expensive water filters, like reverse osmosis, generate some of the purist water available today. Find filters for your shower, or fluoride, bottle and portable filters, using our great links to the most filter manufacturers.

Installing Filters

Installing tap water filters is easy and fast.

Here are two easy steps to installing water filters at your kitchen sink. First, remove the end of the faucet with counter clockwise rotations.

Next, attach the new filter to the faucet until it is sealed and water tight.

Another alternative is to buy a filter that purifies water through a cartridge, which sits separately on the counter. A water line will connect the filter to your tap.

It's inexpensive and equally easy to replace the filters when they’re clogged.


The best filter manufacturers offer superior service and filtering items for the freshest, purest water in your home.

Companies like Pur offer water filters and have been successful in creating filters that turn seawater into fresh, drinkable water. Their products meet the safety criteria of the United States and NATO.

Omni creates easy to install water filters for all areas of your home. Simple to use, you do not need to pay someone else to install it for you. Omni filters work without using chemicals to soften your water and help to remove:

  • Bacteria
  • Chemicals
  • Pollution

More filter manufacturers like British Berkefeld and British Imperial, offer compact and portable filter systems. Providing gallons of fresh water in your home every day, these products are top of the line.

Check out more great filter manufacturers like Doulton, Culligan, NSA, Brita, Ametek, Katadyn, GE, Everpure, Aqua Pure, Amway, Frigidaire, Premier and GAC Water Filters.

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