Deionized Water Softening
Finally! Get clean, deionized water & water filter cartridges

Finally! Get clean, deionized water & water filter cartridges


Find out about easy to use water purifiers, available from the most manufacturers.

There are many unseen dangers in dirty tap water. You can have deionized water and water purifiers in your home. Using easy to change water filter cartridges, drinking clean water has never been easier.

Expensive water that is deionized is a thing of the past. Cheap water purifiers and replacement water filter cartridges are very affordable.

Read more about water, deionization and water purifiers with this simple and handy online guide.

Deionized Water

Deionized, purified water is produced through combining the process of distillation.

Distilled water is a steam based purification process, which removes the hard chemicals and bacteria from the pure water using high temperatures.

Deionization is done by filtering out ions that have negative charges within your water supply. This kind of filtering process is also referred to as being ion-exchange treated.

Some people compare deionized water to the highly purified water rates of the reverse osmosis treatments.

Other effective methods of water purification are ultraviolet light treated water, activated carbon filters, ozonated water, micro filters and water softening processes.

Ultraviolet Treatments

Ultraviolet treatments can help to purify your water through extraordinary light therapy. High voltage UV lights are used to clean your water of developing bacteria, viruses and more.

There are UV light treatments for all of your water needs, such as:

  • House Unit
  • Single Tap
  • Aquarium
  • Shower

Remember, for the best results, purify your water with UV lights for longer than one second. Never look directly at the UV bulb, as it can damage your eyes just like the sun.

UV lights also work best in combination with a crystal filter. The resulting charge to your water will produce water that works on an electrical level in your body.

Easy Filtration

You donít need to install complex water purifiers to get quality drinking water for your whole house and family.

Deionized water is a simple system that is inexpensive. Here are some practical uses for it:

  • Drinking
  • Bathing
  • Cooking

You can also use deionization in the water used in laboratories, and when any extreme purification methods are needed, like curing illnesses.

Simple water filters and cartridges can be installed on your shower head, your kitchen sink tap and anywhere else you want fresh water.

Many companies, like Brita, Omni and Pur, produce deionized filtration systems that have replaceable cartridges.

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