Benefits Of Drinking Water
Drink living water -- Tips on the benefits of drinking water

Drink living water -- Tips on the benefits of drinking water

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  • The benefits of drinking water are many and they should be taken seriously. Dehydration can cause many health problems and can even lead to damage to the kidneys in old age. Giving your body living water is the most health aware choice you can make.

    Pi water is called "living water". It not only wakes up your system, but also provides nourishment and wellness in your body.

    Supply your home with living water by installing a purifier. Pi water will also work as a water softener.

    Find out which residential living water conditioning system is right for you, using our online guide. Explore the benefits of drinking water and using a filter in your home.

    Benefits of Water

    Your body cannot function properly when it's deprived of water. Did you know that a body loses at least 2 ˝ to 3 quarts of water every day?

    An average person should be drinking up to 2 quarts of water every day to replenish their system. However, the amount of water your body requires increases if you are over-weight, or are very active.

    Most people don’t know that hydrating your body actually helps you to lose weight. Here are some more great benefits to drinking water:

    • Maintains muscle tone
    • Relieves constipation
    • Treats fluid retention
    • Rids the body of waste
    • Helps endocrine function

    Cold water is best as it absorbs into your body faster than warm water.


    When you drink water, you help each organ function properly.

    Just breathing takes up to 1 ˝ glasses of water each day. Your lungs, skin, intestines and kidneys together require at least 10 glasses of water everyday!

    The water from your body is basically lost through urination, perspiration and breathing. This means that if you are very active or drink coffee or tea, you should remember to increase the amount of water you drink each day.

    You will know that your body is dehydrated if you have dry skin and lips, if you feel tired or if your bladder is aching.

    Nikken Water

    The Nikken Water Company is committed to providing consumers with fresh & pure water.

    What sets Nikken apart from other water manufacturers, is something called Pi, otherwise known as ‘the water of life’.

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    Pi water was discovered 30 years ago in a remote Japanese village. Scientists found this water to contain a vast amount of natural mineral deposits and negative ions. Due to the great health benefits of this rich water, Nikken has reproduced Pi water for the worldwide market.

    The Nikken PiMag water system combines rich, life giving minerals, with a high tech filter system. Nikken uses a formula that combines the following features:

    • Coral ceramics
    • Infrared Energy
    • Magnetics

    This technology creates a high vibration in the water, which translates into a healthier, more nourishing water supply for your body.

    Installing Nikken water filters in your home may be the best choice for your family. For cleaner, tastier and safer water, try Nikken products.

    Shop - The search for perfect water! - Choose a Home water filtration system, a PiMag Pour Gravity Water System, a PiMag Optimizer or filtration water bottle. The Nikken PiMag uses the same forces as those found in nature - magnetic energy, water agitation, pi technology - to produce water that is optimized, ideal for any use.

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